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    A Review Of Chief’s Magic Slots Vegas-Style Onine

    Online and mobile gaming giant Microgaming created the Chief’s Magic digital slot machine as a nod to classic, old-fashioned Las Vegas casino slot machines, with a Native American theme and traditional sound effects. So instead of the five reels and multiple bet/pay lines that many slots fans take for granted these days, Chief’s Magic features only three reels and a single pay line. Coin denominations range from $0.25 to $5.00, and once they have set their preferred denomination, players can bet up to three coins per spin. Also in keeping with the old-fashioned theme, the graphics are simple and the reel animations basic. While this format doesn’t add much excitement…

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    The Best Ancient Rome Slots Games Available in 2019

    While the choice of online slot games is really quite amazing, this does allow players to find a theme of game that they like, and then play all games within that same theme. For instance, if you are looking for the best Ancient Rome Slots, there are a number of titles that are worth considering. These best Ancient Rome Slots will all offer different pay lines, different minimum and maximum bets, and of course different jackpot prizes, but they all have the same theme in common. Some of the newest Ancient Rome slot game titles that have become available include Call of the Colosseum, Roman Chariots, and Rome and Egypt.…

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  • A Guide to Playing Canadian Online Bingo

    A Guide to Playing Canadian Online Bingo

    Canadian bingo players can now access bingo games online. There is a large selection of dedicated online bingo rooms and online casinos that offer bingo, and many of these sites accept Canadian players, allowing them to complete real money transactions in their own familiar currency and language of choice. Canadian online bingo rooms may also award players a number of different bonus offers and promotions when they register to play bingo for real money online. Online Bingo Ease of Access Online bingo can be accessed easily by any player with a laptop, tablet or smartphone and an internet connection. Land-based bingo halls are limited to holding only a few games…

  • Max Damage Online Slot by Microgaming - A Comprehensive Review

    Max Damage Online Slot by Microgaming – A Comprehensive Review

    Max Damage is a slots game by Microgaming. It follows on from the original Max Damage and Alien Attack game. The Max Damage slot features a base game set in space with roaming spaceships, and it offers players high quality graphics, animations, and a retro soundtrack for a premium gaming experience reminiscent of classic arcade games. The Max Damage slot offers players a standard five by three reel to play on with a 243 ways of winning setup. In addition, the slot game also offers various unique features, such as stacked wilds, multiple scatter symbols, a free spins round, and various multipliers. Max Damage Slot Wild Symbols The wild symbol…

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    A Guide to Playing Craps Online

    The game of craps might seem terribly mysterious to any beginner player or newcomer to the casino world. There are various options to bet on and so many different terms and rules and regulations, and it can seem like a whirlwind of confusion to anyone not familiar with the game. Demystifying the Mystery In a nutshell, the game of craps can be summarised as follows: A so-called shooter will toss two dice down the length of a table, and players will have placed their bets on the outcome of the dice. The first number that is rolled is called the ‘Come Out’ roll. If this equals a four, five, six,…

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    The Benefits of Freeslots Bingo Games

    Since their introduction, freeslots bingo games have been an unfailingly popular way for land-based casino enthusiasts to play classic casino games while also standing a chance to win cash prizes. Freeslots bingo games are games of chance which are ideal for players of any level of experience, as even new players can easily navigate themselves around the simple structures of slot games or bingo. In addition to land-based freeslots bingo games, many online casinos have begun to offer both online bingo and free online slot games. In this way, online casinos have expanded their scope, allowing players from anywhere across the globe to play free or real money casino games…

  • Learn The Basics of Multiplier Symbols in Slots Games

    Learn The Basics of Multiplier Symbols in Slots Games

    Multiplier symbols are symbols that are frequently incorporated in online slot games. The purpose of multiplier symbols is to multiply and increase players’ winnings by a specified value, which adds another dimension to the game play of online slots, and online casinos also incorporate multiplier symbols into slot games as the prospect of increased winnings makes a developer’s games appealing to prospective players. When choosing an online slot game to play, understanding the different types of multiplier symbols and how they work can help players to choose the online slot that will suit them. As in some cases players’ total bets may be higher than their winnings or vice versa,…

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