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    Understanding Online Betting- Learn Sports Betting

    Often the question is asked, What is Online Betting? and the answer is quite simple. Online betting is a safe and convenient digital option for bettors that can take on many forms and can be divided into many sub genres. Some examples of Online Betting, in no particular order, are listed for your information below. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but rather an introduction into some of the many different types of Online Betting that you are likely to come across in your quest for a fun, safe and convenient form of entertainment. Online Casinos Online casinos are a very popular type of Online Betting, and surprisingly…

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    History of Betting in Australia

    Many Australians engage in some form of betting or gambling activity, whether it’s making a bet on the outcome of the next international rugby fixture through a bookmaker or placing an online wager on where the virtual roulette ball will land next. The gambling and betting industry in Australia is a dynamic yet robust one that continues to grow year on year with no end in sight. With a multi-billion dollar industry such as this one, it makes one wonder where it all started. Early Roots: Playing Cards and Horse Racing Betting and gambling on the outcome of games of chance first made its debut to the shores of Australia…

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    The Canadian Casino Industry

    The Canadian casino industry like the casino industry around the globe is a thriving economy that has resulted in the creation of dynamic advantages for the country and her people. The Canadian casino industry has brought about real benefits that are interlinked to the country’s economy. The gaming industry in Canada is the backbone of Canada’s entertainment industry. The industry contributes generously towards important public programs and charities, with over $10 billion in current capital construction throughout the Canadian economy. Canadians benefit from the massive growth spurt the gaming industry continues to foster around the world. With over 135,000 Canadians employed in casinos in and around Canada, the industry contributes…