A Review Of Chief’s Magic Slots Vegas-Style Onine

Online and mobile gaming giant Microgaming created the Chief’s Magic digital slot machine as a nod to classic, old-fashioned Las Vegas casino slot machines, with a Native American theme and traditional sound effects.

So instead of the five reels and multiple bet/pay lines that many slots fans take for granted these days, Chief’s Magic features only three reels and a single pay line. Coin denominations range from $0.25 to $5.00, and once they have set their preferred denomination, players can bet up to three coins per spin.

Also in keeping with the old-fashioned theme, the graphics are simple and the reel animations basic. While this format doesn’t add much excitement to the game, it does make for quick and easy play on tablets or smart phones, so it is attractive for players using their iPad, iPhone or Android-enabled devices to play. To win, players need to score three identical icons on the single pay line.

No Bonuses or Gamble Features

Chief’s Magic features standard slot-machine symbols (three types of bars and a lucky number 7), again in keeping with the game’s retro design feel. The bar icons operate almost like wilds, as any three-reel combination of single, double or triple-bar icons on the pay line will create a win.

Apart from that, the game has no other special features or bonuses. The other two icons in play are the Chief’s Magic logo and the Chief’s Head symbol, which is the key to winning the game’s biggest jackpots.

Three Chiefs Wins the Jackpot

Chief’s Magic operates on set payouts for winning combinations, with no multipliers other than the player’s decision to bet one, two or three coins on the spin. This, combined with the single pay line, makes the play much simpler to follow than it is in multiple-pay-line games.

Any three bars on the pay line will pay out twice the value of the bet; three single bars win 3X the bet, three double bars pay out 5X the stake, and three triple bars pay 10X the bet. Triple 7s have a 25X payout, and three Chief’s Magic icons yield a 50X payout.

The top Chief’s Magic jackpot payout is reserved for three Chief’s Head icons on the pay line: this online pokies NZ win pays 150X the amount staked (if the player bets one or two coins). If a player plays the maximum three coins, this jackpot is multiplied by a factor of four (rather than three, as is the case with lower wins), so the jackpot totals 600 coins.

Although Chief’s Magic is a simple, basic slots game that offers no special features, if the player is using coins of a $5.00 denomination, winning the top jackpot will thus yield $3,000.

That’s a return on the amount staked that is significant enough to make the game popular among players who prefer the old-school slots experience. They may not win as often as they do on games with more bells and whistles, but when they do win, the rewards are substantial.