Review of Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot

Review of Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot Launched by Aristocrat Gaming

The Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot game has been around for a while but has recently been re-released with new options and features. Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot was developed by one of the world’s leading casino gaming companies, Aristocrat Gaming.

This Australian Company is well known for the way it fully immerses a player in the theme of every particular game as well as its use of bold, colourful graphics. It is therefore no surprise that the Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot game has well detailed graphics as well as excellent animations and sounds that are played at just the right time to add to the excitement. The Professor himself has crazy green hair that sticks out at all angles as well as the white lab coat.

How to Play Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot

There are 5 reels and 100 paylines in Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot. The number of paylines played cannot be changed and as such the player will need 50 credits in order to start playing. This is, however, a penny slot and because the minimum credit value that can be wagered is 1 cent, this game can be played by both the high stake holders and the low stake holders.

This game is a jackpot game, which means that the value of the jackpot increases by a small amount each game until the player wins the jackpot. It is for this reason that the Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot game has fixed bets of at least 50c per spin. The upside is that the minimum bet of 50c can quickly increase into hundreds or thousands of dollars and it is possible to win big even if you do not hit the huge prizes.

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Bonus Features in Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot

Like exciting promotions in betting Australia, the Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot has a Reel Tube bonus that occurs randomly at any time following a spin which is opposite to the free bets. The first time that it occurs, the player will be rewarded with 50 credits, which is then multiplied by the player’s own initial bet.

This is just the beginning. The Shrink Ray bonus feature comes into play and all the playing card symbols are replaced with the symbol above them. This continues until there are no more playing card symbols left. This means that at the end you will be playing 100 paylines with only high value symbols left on the reels.

The next bonus feature is the Cloning Device. This bonus rewards the player with a re-spin of the reels with 3 of the reels turning into expanding wilds. The last bonus feature is the Energy Reactor. This feature awards between 3 and 8 free games of Mad Professor Aristocrat Slot. In addition to these bonus features there are also the jackpot symbols. Three or more of these symbols scattered over the reels will allow the player to choose 2 of 5 animals on the screen to combine as part of the Mad Professor’s experiment.

The player’s choice must match the those selected by the professor’s machine. Credits are won for a perfect match, but also for just one of the animals matching. You will repeat this process three times and if there’s a perfect match in the third stage the player will win one of the jackpot prizes.