Play Roulette with the Best Bets

How to Play Roulette with the Best Bets at Online Casinos

Roulette is also known as the King of casino games, and for good reason. Although its considered a sophisticated and elegant game, when you play Roulette you’ll fast discover how simple it is. The premise of the game, regardless of the variant you choose, remains the same and all you need to do is place bets on the table on where you the=ink the ball will come to rest on the wheel when it stops spinning.

It couldn’t be easier to play Roulette and the casino options can be as simple or as complex as you choose. You can wager on a single number or many numbers, on odds or evens or on black or red and all bets are divided into two categories and are either Inside or Outside bets.

Flexible Betting Options

Like having coin choices in real pokies online, when you play Roulette you’ll enjoy flexible betting options and these cater well to different player personalities. If you subscribe to the No Risk, No Reward theory you can place Inside Bets that have odds of 37-1, or if you prefer playing it safe you can opt for the Outside Bets that have a lower risk and of course, a lower reward.

Outside Bets come in at 2-1, making them hugely different to the odds for Inside bets. Of course, Inside Bets are the more exciting of the two, but they could also see you lose large sums of money in a short period of time, so its best you choose a betting option that not only suits your thrill-seeking personality, but that matches the size of your bankroll.

Place your Bets

After depositing with Debit or Credit Card etc., when you play Roulette your role in the game is simple and all you need to do is choose the value of the chips you wish ton wager, then place your bet in the relevant area on the table.  With an Inside bet you’ll be trying to predict which one of the numbered pockets on the Roulette wheel the ball will land in. As the American Roulette wheel has an additional numbered pocket, the house edge for this game is also increased and is almost double that of its European and French counterparts.

With an Inside Bet you’ll be wagering either on the numbered pocket where you think the ball will land, or on those adjacent. A Straight Up bet is the most basic Inside Bet as a player will wager on a single number only. Split Bets let you wager on more than 1 number at a time, whilst there are also more complex options such as Corner or Six Line Bets.

Low Risk Roulette Bets

Low Risk Roulette Bets

For those who want to play Roulette for fun but also want to win whenever possible, Outside Bets are the best choice. The easiest Outside Bet that you can place is the even money bet and this means you’ll wager on the ball landing in either the black or red pockets, even or oddly numbered pockets or on high low numbers. High numbers cover pockets 19-36 on the wheel, and low numbers include 1-18.

There are also slightly more complicated Outside bets and these include Column Bets and Dozen Bets, both of which give you the chance to bet on a set group of numbers.