Bejeweled 2 Slots in Detail

Bejeweled 2 Slots in Detail for Players

The art style presented in Bejeweled 2 slot is a three dimensional art style that uses bright colours and distinct neon glow to add an element of fun and excitement to the slot. This helps to capture the essence of the Bejeweled franchise, and players who have played previous incarnations of the game, whether in instant mode or on their mobile phones, will feel right at home with this online slot.

The background for Bejeweled 2 is a planetary space scene. The entire planet surface is covered in a blue hue and the player can see a large, jagged mountain range in the distance. In the sky, the player can see a large planet as well as thousands of stars and comets streaking by. Towards the bottom of the screen, there is a large sunburst that is emitting bright rays.

Above the reels, the player can see the name of the slot, Bejeweled 2, surrounded by the various slot symbols. To the left and the right of the reels, the player can see the various paylines for the slot. These paylines are shown in multi-coloured circles with the individual number written in white. Below the reels, the player is given betting options as well as some additional information about playing this particular online slot.

The first button presented is the stake per line button. This can be adjusted via yellow up and down arrows to change the player’s bet. The next button is the number of lines the player is playing. This can range from one line to twenty lines and can also be adjusted via the yellow up and down arrows. Then there is a bright pink spin button. By pressing this, the player starts the game. To the right of that is the total paid. This will show how much the player has been paid for wins. This slot also has an autoplay button and a paytable button. The paytable button displays the various values for the slot symbols in Bejeweled 2.

Playing Online Bejeweled 2 Slots

Slot Symbols

The symbols in Bejeweled 2 are a mix of classic symbols and symbols from the Bejeweled franchise. From least valuable to most valuable, the slot symbols include a pink nine, a red ten, a green jack, a purple queen, an aqua king, a golden ace, a green jewel, a blue jewel and a red jewel.

In addition to these normal symbols, there are also three scatter symbols. The first scatter symbol is a grid of jewels and functions as a Bejeweled bonus symbol. The second scatter symbol is a free spins scatter symbol. The final scatter symbol is a purple symbol that functions as a wheel of riches bonus. There is also a spinning wild symbol.

Bonus Features

Like offers in election betting online, bonus features for this game include a free spin bonus round, a wheel of riches bonus round and a bejewelled scatter bonus round.

These can be activated by three of more of the relevant scatter symbols on the reels. The rewards are free spins, winning multipliers and cascading reels respectively.