Learn The Basics of Multiplier Symbols in Slots Games

Learn The Basics of Multiplier Symbols in Slots Games

Multiplier symbols are symbols that are frequently incorporated in online slot games. The purpose of multiplier symbols is to multiply and increase players’ winnings by a specified value, which adds another dimension to the game play of online slots, and online casinos also incorporate multiplier symbols into slot games as the prospect of increased winnings makes a developer’s games appealing to prospective players.

When choosing an online slot game to play, understanding the different types of multiplier symbols and how they work can help players to choose the online slot that will suit them. As in some cases players’ total bets may be higher than their winnings or vice versa, choosing a game with the right type of multiplier symbols will allow players to improve their chances of high payouts during game play.

The Functions of Multiplier Symbols

The function of multiplier symbols tends to differ between online slot games and slot game developers. While many online slots offer multiplier symbols, some may be applicable to wins during the base game of the game in question, while others may apply to winnings obtained during a bonus game or free spins feature.

In certain games, multiplier symbols are also present both during the base game and the game’s main features.

Some multipliers have simple rules attached and some will be more complex in nature, so players are encouraged to learn more about the multipliers featured in their game of choice before they begin to play.

Base Play Multiplier Symbols

Multiplier symbols that are featured in a slot’s base game are more commonly known as base play multipliers, and are typically applicable to players’ line bets or total stakes. These symbols multiply that specific figure by a preset amount when a winning symbol combination lands on the reels.

Base play multiplier symbols are less often seen in real money online pokies games than their free spins multiplier counterparts, but many online slots feature them regardless.

Wild and Scatter Multipliers

In some cases, the wild symbols of online slot games also function as multiplier symbols. These wild multipliers can both complete winning symbol combinations as they land during the base game, and also increase the value of that winning combination as it is completed.

Scatter symbols, too, can double as multiplier symbols, and in this case any scatter pays awarded will be subject to a multiplier of a specific value.

Free Spins and Bonus Multipliers

Free spins or bonus multiplier symbols are win multipliers that are featured in a game’s free spins or bonus games, and tend to be applicable to winnings won during the feature in question, increasing the value of a specific bonus win or of all the collective bonus winnings obtained.

In some cases, free spins multipliers can be chosen randomly from a ‘Pick Me’ style feature before a free spins game or bonus game commences. These multiplier symbols can reach high values, awarding proportionately larger increases on applicable wins.

A preset multiplier value may also be awarded before the feature begins, and will apply predictably to all winnings obtained during the feature.