Video Poker Options

Find Lots of Video Poker Options Online

Whether on the casino floor in Las Vegas, or playing online from the comfort of their homes, many of America’s casino fans consider Video Poker to be great gambling entertainment. Online and mobile casinos make these games accessible outside the USA as well, of course, so even while travelling abroad, Americans can try their luck at the cards whenever it suits them.

There are now hundreds of online casinos available to players all over the world, depending on the gambling laws in their home countries, and most will offer at least one Video Poker title. Some sites have dozens, and Video Poker aficionados eagerly seek them out.

Like Table Poker with No Distractions                       

To enjoy the table version of Poker, a player has to be something of a student of human nature; looking for tells, determining when an opponent is bluffing, choosing when to bluff themselves, knowing when to bet all-in, etc.

Video Poker removes all those stresses and distractions and lets the player concentrate on one thing only: being dealt or drawing cards that form a winning Poker combination. None of the other annoyances possible in land-based casinos, like rude players, noisy tics or sloppy drunks, are able to intrude.

Wins Cannot be Beaten

Naturally, at online poker NZ different hands will pay out different amounts, according to the frequency with which each combination can be expected in a standard single-deck deal. A Royal Flush is certainly going to be worth more than Two Pairs, but where Video Poker again scores over the table game is that the player is paid for every winning combination; there are no other players involved with the potential to beat it. A guaranteed low-value win for Two Pairs is a better return, for many American casino fans, than a big pot that gets swallowed by an opponent with a better hand.

Bets and Pay Table are Set

Video Poker is a straight contest between the player and the house, played out on a digital screen. The player places a set bet every time, which they will not have to increase. They are dealt five cards, and can choose which of these to keep and which to discard, hoping to draw better from the same deck. After the draw, the hand is assessed and the player is paid out for any winning combinations according to the game’s Pay Table, which is on display throughout.

Growing Number of Titles Available

Games already familiar to many players will be All American, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild, but there are dozens of variations on offer, with different special combinations winning enhanced prizes in each. With world-leading developers like Bally and NetEnt creating new Video Poker titles regularly to cater to the expanding market, there are plenty to choose from.

Many casinos online offer free-play versions, so players can get to know different variants before they pick one to wager real money on. Some variants also have multihand options, so high rollers can bet on more hands at once, increasing their chances of a win every time.