Cyberstud Poker

Fast Play and Big Wins with Cyberstud Poker

Cyberstud Poker presents a twist on traditional digital Video Poker games. As is standard in Video Poker titles, the player must be dealt a winning combination to be paid according to the pay table; but the kicker is that the player’s hand must also beat the dealer’s, before they can win. In this way, even though they cannot discard or draw cards, the game maintains the element of player choice in the traditional Video Poker scenario, while remaining much speedier than those table Poker variations that involve multiple betting rounds and several players.

A title developed by Microgaming software, Cyberstud Poker is this developer’s version of Caribbean Stud, a variation offered by several software designers and hosted at most online casinos. It features the familiar green baize table from land-based casinos, complete with the usual table markings. Players can also choose whether or not to enable the audio, which provides dealer commentary and prompts as the cards are dealt. The Progressive Jackpot feature, standard in Cyberstud Poker but not in all Caribbean Stud variations, can grow to an impressive size.

How Cyberstud Poker Works                                                                     

Taking its cue from table Poker games, mobile poker USA Cyberstud Poker requires players to place an ante bet before they can be dealt a hand of five cards. The ante can be set at several levels between 1.00 and 100.00 in the relevant currency, with wins being paid as multiples of the stake, so it is accessible on most budgets.

After staking the ante, the player is dealt five cards, and the dealer is dealt one, face-up. The player must assess their hand against the single dealer card, and decide whether to fold or call. If they fold, they lose only their ante. If they call, they must add double the ante to their bet, and the dealer is dealt another four cards.

Progressive Jackpots Worth Hundreds of Thousands

To win the Cyberstud Poker Progressive Jackpot, a player must be playing the additional 1.00 progressive bet on the hand, and be dealt a Royal Flush in any suit. This Progressive Jackpot, which is constantly boosted by Cyberstud Poker players online all over the world, can amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How to Determine Cyberstud Poker Wins

The Cyberstud Poker dealer must qualify to play. In other words, the dealer’s hand must contain an A-K combination or better. Unlike most Caribbean Stud titles, however, if the dealer does not qualify, Cyberstud Poker does not pay out on the ante bet only. The player instead wins even money on their entire bet. So the incentive for players to call on weaker hands, if it seems likely that the dealer will not qualify, is greater in this variation.

If the dealer does qualify, with A-K, a pair or better, the player must beat the dealer’s hand to win. If the player wins, ante bets are paid at even money, and the player also wins a prize determined by the winning combination, according to the pay table. This prize ranges from 50X the bet for a Flush to 20,000X the bet for a Straight Flush.