Ghostbusters Online Slots

Ghostbusters Online Slots

Ghostbusters is online slot with 5 reels and 30 paylines and is based on the original film, Ghostbusters, released in 1984.  The film was extremely popular and grossed more than $295 million.  Ghostbusters was nominated for two Oscar awards for best visual effects and best theme song.


The main characters from the film appear on the reels, the Ghostbusters themselves, Slimer and the Marshmallow Man.  Players will also see clips from the original film during the game. The game features the original soundtrack as well as great animations, 3 bonus games and 5 progressive jackpots.  Slimer plays the main part in the game and is constantly getting up to mischief on the reels.  The Marshmallow Man will appear on the reels and rewards players with multipliers and wild symbols.

Other symbols in the game include the Ghostbusters mode of transport, proton pack, their ghost meter and goggles.  There are 2 wild symbols, the Slimer wild and the purple ghost and these 2 symbols will substitute for all of the symbols except the bonus symbols.

Mystery Features

Ghostbusters has a range of mystery features that will appear randomly during the game.  These mystery features include a multiplier that will multiply wins by between 2 and 5 times.  There is a cash award that will reward players with a cash prize of between 50 and 1000 times the value of their coin.  The wild reel mystery feature enables 1 to 3 reels to become slimed and then become wild.  The extra wilds mystery feature will transform between 1 and 4 positions on the reels into the purple ghost wild symbol.  This number can increase and allow adjacent symbols to also become wilds.

Ballroom Buster Bonus

The ballroom buster’s bonus round is activated when 2 of the ghost symbols and a Slimer symbol appear and players will receive 5 proton chances to reveal ghosts hiding in the ballroom.  For every ghost that is revealed players will receive a cash prize and possibly a multiplier of 5 times.  This round will end when players have used up all of their proton shots.

Progressive Jackpots

The paranormal pick allows players to select green clouds with the opportunity of winning a progressive jackpot.  Players must follow Slimer and select 1 option from the 5.  Players will stand the chance of winning one of the jackpots no matter which option is chosen.

Ghostbusters at mobile casino USA offers an exciting range of bonus features allowing players many opportunities for wins and will appeal especially to fans of this very popular film.

Stay Puft Bonus

The stay puft bonus round is activated when there are 2 ghost symbols and a stay puft symbol on the reels and players will be rewarded with 8 free spins on 40 paylines instead of 30.  This round is played on a different reel set with a different set of symbols related to the stay puft theme.

During this round there is also the chance that a flying marshmallow may land on the reels transforming 1 or more of the symbols into locked wilds for the duration of the bonus round.  The wild symbols will be transformed into a toasting marshmallow and a stay puft symbol and can substitute for all of the symbols.