Popular Dota 2 Betting Guide Tips

There are a number of match formats that are used for Dota 2 tournaments, and no Dota 2 betting guide is complete without at least a brief explanation on the differences between these.

BO is the shortened form of the phrase best of, and the various match types include BO1; BO2; BO3; BO5; and BO7.

The Most Commonly Found Match Formats

The most frequent are the BO1s, because these are the matches used to decide who advances forward to the playoffs of a tournament, and the results are very unpredictable. Making use of a Dota 2 betting guide will help punters realised that no matter how strong a team may be overall, if the opposing one has a particularly good start, the latter may well be able to take victory in the match. These matches often provide a quick profit, thanks to the unpredictability of their outcomes, but they can also deliver losses for the same reason. Punters are advised to be extra careful when trying to decide which BO1s to lay bets on, because the outcomes are not as obvious as they may seem.

Best of three, or BO3, are also commonly found matches in tournaments because they are used widely in the middle stages of these. These matches are quite easy to bet on, as punters reviewing a Dota 2 betting guide will quickly realise, as long as the bettor has acquired the requisite amounts of information on the teams taking part. A good example of a low-risk BO3 match would be one taking place between a team comprised of incredibly skilled players and a lower-tiered team struggling to pick up wins who had managed to advance thanks largely to luck.

Less Frequently Found Best of Matches

A good Dota 2 betting guide will also provide punters with information on the less commonly found best off matches, namely BO2s; BO5s and BO7s.

BO2s are more infrequently found because they are another way in which it is possible to determine who advances to the playoffs portion of a tournament. These matches are easy to bet on because of two factors:

  1. The stronger team is almost always the one who wins the game
  2. The underdog team is occasionally able to take victory in one game

BO5s are only seen once per tournament, during the grand final. A Dota 2 betting guide will be able to inform the punters of the details of the best mobile esports bets for these matches, but it is important to bear in mind that although both of the teams taking part are more than likely very strong, teams with less skills do occasionally make it through for a number of different reasons.

BO7 matches are an alternative to the gruelling BO5s, and have only been brought into play a limited number of times during the WPC-ACE leagues. The most memorable BO7 match to date was the one that took place between DK and Invictus Gaming –the match started off with easy 0 – 3 odds in favour of IG, and was followed by a reverse 4 – 3 all-kill from DK.

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