A Detailed Look at Rollercoaster Dice

There are many different kinds of casino games available for players across many platforms. Rollercoaster Dice is one such game that is not a video slot. The game is available to be played on both desktop and mobile formats. It is easily found in your app store should you be using a smart device with either Android or iOS.

Desktop users can either play it online using a Flash enabled browser, or can download casino content to their computer and play that way. This game plays particularly well on a smaller screen such as a smart phone or even a smart watch due to its lack of graphics and detail.

Graphics and Theme

Although Rollercoaster Dice has a roller coaster in its name, there is actually no other mention of one in the actual game play at all. The background to the game shows a rather typical theme park ride with non descript people riding it, but that’s all. The game itself is bright, with loads of colours. Graphics are good, although there aren’t much of them as the game does not have symbols or reels like the slots at River Belle Casino reviewed here.

How Rollercoaster Dice Works

This is a very basic game that is largely dependent on luck. To begin you have to choose your bet amount. The game does not use coins, but works in various currencies so the wagering amount may change from country to country. All the amounts are very wide however, which makes this a great game for players of all budgets. It must be noted however that the prize money changes depending on your bet amount. The higher you bet, the higher the prize money.

Once you have made your bet, the game will show you a pair of dice. On the left is a ladder, with the initial amount displayed on the dice shown on the bottom rung of the ladder. From here you simply have to guess if the next throw will be higher, lower or equal the previous one. Each correct prediction will see you advancing upwards on the ladder and achieving higher and higher multipliers. There are a number of payout levels, where you can choose to cash in or carry on. If you continue and reach the top of the ladder you will receive a 30 times multiplier to your bet.

Tips and Tricks

Rollercoaster Dice is run by a random number generator, which ensures that the amount displayed is always totally random. This being said the game is not based on pure luck alone. A little bit of thought is needed to advance up the ladder. If the die show seven or above it is advisable to guess lower. Six and below it is advisable to guess higher. It is also possible to get two numbers in a row, although it is unlikely. The game will help you out a bit here and only give you this option when it is statistically possible to achieve. Two sevens in a row always wins.