The Lost Pyramid Scratch Card Game

The Lost Pyramid Scratch Card Game

The Lost Pyramid is a Net Entertainment creation at online casino Pakistan. This Mayan-themed online scratch card game offers an exciting playing experience. Looking for ancient hidden treasure is an adventure.

The location and ambience of The Lost Pyramid online scratch game is Mexico at an ancient Mayan pyramid, built with beautifully hand-carved blocks of crumbling stone.

This adventure is like following up on an old story told about some treasures secreted away inside an old and remote pyramid. The treasures are seven gold bars, all of them together will be worth a fortune. Even retrieving just two or more of the gold bars will still bring wealth. There are moments of anticipation each time you apply your excavation skills and successfully turn a block over.

There is unfortunately a limit to how many blocks can be moved in the urgent and exciting quest to find all seven of the precious gold bars.

American players across the USA can enjoy this adventure into online scratch card playing without leaving home comforts behind. Play straight from the browser or use download options for instant playing pleasure.

The Lost Pyramid Online Game Tutorial

The ultimate goal when playing this game is to find all or as many of the seven gold bars as you can.

The Lost Pyramid scratch card click-to-play game is a winner. It is an unusual scratch card game. You can search through 36 pyramid blocks to find the bars. If you find all seven gold bars, the main prize is yours! Even finding 2 or more gold bars can still net you a prize.

First, you select your bet using the bet button at the base of the screen. Then you click Buy Game, and now you can opt to do one of two things. Either click on the pyramid blocks you want to flip over or click on auto pick and let the computer generate the random blocks to flip over for you. You can only flip seven of the 36 blocks per game.

Betting Limits and Winning Opportunities

Because of the multiple betting options in The Lost Pyramid scratch to win online game, there is not any specific amount that you can win. So you have the option of placing multiple bets of between $0.10 and $2 in this easy-to-play scratch and win game.

The more you bet, the more you could win.

Options For Basic Settings

With NetEnt’s standard options for settings, just adjust The Lost Pyramid scratch card game to whichever personal preferences are wanted. Find the easy-to-use icons at the base of your screen.

The question mark gives access to The Lost Pyramid rules of play; it also allows you to view your game history at any point of play. However, the game history does not apply to the Demo or the practice mode. Use the volume option to reduce or mute the sound.

A question mark allows a player to view a game history, not including practice play though. The Lost Pyramid rules of play can also be looked at using the question mark.

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