iPad Poker Hold’em

Playing iPad Poker Hold’em for Real Money

If you are a keen mobile casino enthusiast, you will know that Texas Hold’em poker is the most popular poker variant being played in casinos today. At online and mobile casinos, the online version called casino poker or poker Hold’em is played directly against the dealer. This means that anyone can log on and play instantly online, anywhere in the world. In the notes below, we are going to look at the basics of iPad Poker Hold’em, how the game works and how to win real money playing online.

The Game Setup

If you have played Texas Hold’em poker before, the good news is that casino Hold’em poker is played in exactly the same way using community cards. A game of iPad Poker Hold’em consists of a single poker table with the dealer situated at the top of the table and the player at the bottom. There are two betting areas on the table, one for the ante bet and one for the call bet. In the mobile version, a second screen displays the paytable for the various hand combinations. The game buttons and the player’s chips are located at the bottom of the screen.

Getting Started

A game of iPad Poker Hold’em begins with the players placing the ante bet. The ante bet can be any amount up to the table limit. To place the ante bet, players can tap on the virtual chips at the bottom the screen and place them on the ante betting area. Once the ante bet for online pokies Australia has been placed, the dealer will then deal the player two cards face up, himself, two cards faced down and three community cards in the centre of the table. The two cards are called Hole Cards and the deal in the middle is called the Flop.

Choosing to Fold or to Call

The aim of iPad Poker Hold’em is to create the highest possible poker hand using the cards you have been dealt along with the community cards in the centre of the table. Players should bear in mind that the dealer can also use the community cards to create a poker hand. After the flop has been dealt, players have the option of folding or continuing with the hand. If a player feels they have a particularly bad hand, they can cut their losses and fold, forfeiting their ante bet. If a player feel they have the potential to create a really good poker hand, they can tap on the call bet which is effectively double the ante bet.

iPad Poker Hold’em Payouts

Once a player has placed the call bet, the dealer will then deal another two community cards. This is called the River. After the river has been dealt, the dealer will flip over his two cards and rearrange the cards into the highest poker hand possible. In iPad Poker Hold’em, the dealer must qualify with a pair of 4’s or higher. If the players wins the hand, they will be paid out according to the paytable. Any hand from a high card to a straight pays out 1:1 while the highest paying hand is a royal flush paying out a total of 100:1.