A Guide to Playing Craps Online

The game of craps might seem terribly mysterious to any beginner player or newcomer to the casino world. There are various options to bet on and so many different terms and rules and regulations, and it can seem like a whirlwind of confusion to anyone not familiar with the game.

Demystifying the Mystery

In a nutshell, the game of craps can be summarised as follows: A so-called shooter will toss two dice down the length of a table, and players will have placed their bets on the outcome of the dice.

The first number that is rolled is called the ‘Come Out’ roll. If this equals a four, five, six, eight, nine, or ten, a specific number termed as ‘the point’ will be set. If the number rolled, however, is a two, three, seven, eleven, or twelve, the player’s turn is already over and the dice will move on to the next player.

Placing a bet is quite simple in process, as all the player needs to do is drag the chips to be bet to the area of the table that designates what the player wants to bet on. The variables of what to bet on, however, are a little more complicated, as there is a wealth of betting opportunities and betting wagers available.

Online Craps Explained

Given the perplexity of the craps game, many newcomers who want to learn the game will choose to play online instead of at a land-based casino.

For starters, online casinos very often offer a simplified version of craps. This is a great game for novice players. In this version, a player has to hit a total of two, three, four, ten, eleven, or twelve to win. If the player rolls a total of five, six, seven, eight, or nine, this will be a loss.

There is also the opportunity to play high point craps, which is also an online version of the game. In this game, the players aim to hit the highest roll. Initial rolls equaling two or three are generally just ignored. A total of eleven or twelve equals a win, and any other total becomes a so-called ‘point’ and the player simply has a chance to roll again and try to achieve a higher roll total.

The greatest thing about online casino craps, however, is that players have the opportunity to play for free. Most online casinos offer a variety of free games, and craps is not excluded. Given the complexity of the game, a free craps version is great for any player who wants to begin playing the game but does not necessarily want to risk any potential financial losses.

Accessing the free craps games will give these players the opportunity to become acquainted with all the complicated rules and regulations of the game, as well as fully understand the betting options and dice results. This allows players to become completely comfortable with craps in a non-threatening environment, and as is the case with online pokies, they can choose to play for real money only when they feel comfortable to do so.

In these ways, online casinos have even made a complex game such as craps more accessible to novice players by offering simpler and even free versions of the game.