Oasis Poker Pro

Fast, Rewarding Play with Oasis Pro Poker

Online casino gaming giant NetEnt has created Oasis Poker Pro as its own version of Caribbean Poker, the fast-playing Poker variation that pits the player against the house only, with just two five-card hands competing on every deal. However, it offers the draw function traditional in Video Poker titles that is absent in most other Caribbean Stud variants, along with the chance to increase bets on strong hands, so Oasis Poker Pro can prove very lucrative.

The game dispenses with the other players, multiple betting rounds and bluffing opportunities that are found in traditional table Poker variants. However, unlike the majority of Video Poker titles that pay purely according to the strength of the player’s hand, the player also has to beat the dealer in Oasis Poker Pro to win a prize, so it is very much a hybrid between table and Video Poker, optimised for speedy play.

The Oasis Poker Pro Basics                                                                          

The player at poker sites NZ must stake an ante, between $1 and $40, to start the game. They are then dealt five cards face-up, and the dealer is dealt five cards with only one card showing. At this point, Oasis Poker Pro players get the Video Poker option that is not present in most Caribbean Poker titles; they can choose a number of cards to discard, and draw replacements which might complete Straights, Flushes and other high-value combos.

This draw does require an extra bet, however, depending on how many cards the player wants to replace. Once the player has decided whether or not to draw any cards, they can judge their hand against the single dealer’s card showing, and decide whether to fold, in which case they lose only the amount staked so far, or to call, which requires an additional stake of double the ante bet.

Drawn Card Costs Vary

If an Oasis Poker Pro player decides to draw cards before deciding whether or not to call, they are charged a multiple of the ante according to the number of cards drawn. Two or four cards cost 2X the ante, three cards cost 3X the ante, and one or five cards drawn cost 1X the ante. However, if the player draws a complete hand of five new cards, they must then place a call bet, and cannot fold.

Wins Determined by the Pay Table

Another unique feature of Oasis Poker Pro is that if the player folds, the dealer’s hand is placed in the discards without being revealed, so the player never knows whose hand was stronger. If the player calls, the dealer’s hand is revealed and the stronger hand wins.

But first, the dealer must qualify; their hand must contain an A-K or better. If the dealer does not qualify, the player’s call bet and any bets staked on the draw are returned, and the player wins even money on the ante bet. If the dealer qualifies but the player’s hand is stronger, the player wins even money on the ante bet, plus an amount for their specific winning combination as determined by the pay table. In the case of a Royal Flush, this win will be 100X the call bet.