Gambling in Macau in China

Gambling in Macau

When it comes to land based gambling, the special administrative region of Macau in China is well known as an international gambling hub. This is not a new development as gambling was first introduced into the region and legalised by the Portuguese government back in the 1850’s. Today gambling tourism forms a major part of the region’s economy accounting for roughly fifty percent of the total economy and revenue. This is a staggering number for any area including the likes of Las Vegas. The majority of tourists to Macau come from China and Hong Kong with many international visitors making their way to the gambling capital for a thrilling casino experience.

World Class Land-Based Casinos

The reason Macau has become such a popular gambling hub is because of the multitude of local and international casinos that sprawl across the tiny island. Macau is home to roughly 35 land based casinos of which 23 are situated along the Macau peninsula with a further 10 located on the small island of Tapia. The largest and most prominent casino in the region is the Venetian Casino with the Grand Lisboa and the Wynn Casino also drawing tourists from all over the world. The casinos cater for all types of players and include the latest slot video slots as well as classic slots and Vegas-style slots.

Local and International Casino Games

Many international casinos based in Macau originate from Australia and the USA. This means that players can look forward to a true international bet365 NZ experience. The casinos host a wide range of classic card and table games including poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, craps, sic bo, keno, fan-tan, Texas Hold’em poker and much more. The quality and diversity of gaming in the region brought huge profits in 2009, far surpassing Las Vegas with a total revenue of 70% of the fiscal revenue for the region.

Gambling in Macau can be broken up into four distinct categories. The largest and most profitable category is casino games which include all land based gambling establishments for local and overseas tourists. In 1962, western casino games were introduced in the region which previously only houses Chinese casino games. This development sparked a huge rise in visitors from foreign countries. To gamble or partake in gambling activities, players have to be over the age of 21.

Sports Betting and Horse Racing in Macau

The second type of gambling activity in the region is greyhound/horse racing. This is popular with the locals and is also available to all international visitors. Sports betting makes up the third category for gambling with many local sports betting bars scattered throughout the region. As with most countries, the lottery makes up a significant portion of the gambling revenue.

The local lottery is open to all residents and overseas visitors which helps to improve the economy. At present, Macau does not licence online gambling. This means that no local based online gambling sites is available in the region. With pressure from other regions in the world and a wealth of opportunity at hand, the decision to incorporate online gambling might be implemented sooner rather than later.