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    Best iPad Casino – iPad Impacts the Way we Live

    iPad Impacts the Way we Live It has been thoroughly noted what impact the continued development and advancement of mobile phone technology has on our daily lives. From relying on a alarm to wake you up, to sending emails first thing in the morning, ordering a taxi cab to pick you up, catching up on the latest in current affairs and sports news, transferring money to your kids to go see a movie, or calling to order lunch to be delivered to your office; Mobile phones are the very cornerstone of our modern life. However, the convenience doesn’t stop there. The advent and popularity of tablets, like the iPad or…

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    The Best Guide to iPhone Casinos for New Players Online

    For most of us, technology rules our daily life. We depend on our mobile phone alarm to wake us up, show us the time and remind us of important meetings. Our mobile phones allow us to make calls and text messages to organise a surprise birthday party for someone special, they allow us to transfer money to our kids or spouses at any time of the day, and they allow us to keep up to speed with business as emails pop up instantly. With all this in mind, it is not an exaggeration to say that technology has completely transformed the world we live in.

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    Best mobile casino NZ

    The Impact of Modern Technology Mobile devices, although thusly named since their first appearance, were not so mobile initially. Brawny arms and a strapping back were required to heave them from place to place, and you needed to remain close to a power outlet, since batteries were unheard of.  Thankfully, the technology our handsets make use of has improved vastly since those good old bad old days, and extraordinary advances have been made, particularly in the last ten years. They have gotten far smaller, much more powerful, and there is almost nothing they can’t do these days. Almost everyone has one, and they are playing far bigger roles in our…

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    Best Mobile Casino

    Modern Face of Technology New Zealand is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world, with majority of adults residing here owning at least one high-tech device, be it a smart phone or a tablet. The nature of the 21st century is completely guided and transformed by the continuous development of technology and its impact on our lives. In fact, the ways in which people interact with one another, their ways of working and their financial and social decisions are all guided by the smart phones they carry around with them. There are various benefits to the accessibility of technology in our lives. First and foremost it allows…

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    Best online casino

    How Internet Has Changed the World The internet is an invention that has changed the world forever. Today, there are millions of websites worldwide and millions of people around the world communicate via social networks and e-mail. People can now access information and share things in a way that has never been possible before. as a result, the rise of the internet and social media have changed the way we work, the way we live and the way we communicate with other people. While some people may argue that the internet and social media have caused human beings to be more unsociable because they have removed us more from the…

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    Cyberstud Poker

    Fast Play and Big Wins with Cyberstud Poker Cyberstud Poker presents a twist on traditional digital Video Poker games. As is standard in Video Poker titles, the player must be dealt a winning combination to be paid according to the pay table; but the kicker is that the player’s hand must also beat the dealer’s, before they can win. In this way, even though they cannot discard or draw cards, the game maintains the element of player choice in the traditional Video Poker scenario, while remaining much speedier than those table Poker variations that involve multiple betting rounds and several players. A title developed by Microgaming software, Cyberstud Poker is…

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    Ghostbusters Online Slots

    Ghostbusters Online Slots Ghostbusters is online slot with 5 reels and 30 paylines and is based on the original film, Ghostbusters, released in 1984.  The film was extremely popular and grossed more than $295 million.  Ghostbusters was nominated for two Oscar awards for best visual effects and best theme song. Symbols The main characters from the film appear on the reels, the Ghostbusters themselves, Slimer and the Marshmallow Man.  Players will also see clips from the original film during the game. The game features the original soundtrack as well as great animations, 3 bonus games and 5 progressive jackpots.  Slimer plays the main part in the game and is constantly…

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    Glam Life

    Glam Life Online Slot Glam Life is a 3D video slot game from IGT and Betsoft and has 5 reels and 25 paylines.  Glam Life is all about luxury and all the things one would need to live a glamorous life like the rich and famous of this world. Music plays in the background and the graphics are of a high quality with animations on the reels when there is a win. Free Spins The jet will activate the free spins round when 3 or more appear on an active payline.  For 3 jets players will receive 2 free spins, for 4 jets players will receive 3 free spins and…

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    Go Bananas Online Slots

    Go Bananas Online Slot Go Bananas is a video slot game from IGT and NetEnt and features 5 reels and 20 paylines.  Set in the African jungle Go Bananas has fun, colourful symbols and the sounds of the jungle can be heard in the background.  Music plays as the reels spin and when there is a win on the paylines fruit will jump out of the screen. Standard Symbols The Go Bananas symbols include the shiny pink gemstone which has the highest payout of 700 coins for 5.  The golden monkey is worth 350 coins for 5 and the monkey money clip is worth 250 coins for 5.  The monkey…

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    Oasis Poker Pro

    Fast, Rewarding Play with Oasis Pro Poker Online casino gaming giant NetEnt has created Oasis Poker Pro as its own version of Caribbean Poker, the fast-playing Poker variation that pits the player against the house only, with just two five-card hands competing on every deal. However, it offers the draw function traditional in Video Poker titles that is absent in most other Caribbean Stud variants, along with the chance to increase bets on strong hands, so Oasis Poker Pro can prove very lucrative. The game dispenses with the other players, multiple betting rounds and bluffing opportunities that are found in traditional table Poker variants. However, unlike the majority of Video…